4 Worst Health Mistakes Women Make

Being healthy is essential to a woman’s overall well being but unfortunately, many women may neglect to adhere to the warning signs early on or worse yet neglect to take care of themselves, which may result in detrimental long-term effects on their health.
So, we will get into the four worst health mistakes women make:

Neglecting To Take Care of Heart Health
According to healthgrades.com, heart disease is the leading cause of death in both genders. However; women are more likely to die of a heart attack than men. This is an alarming fact and should not be taken likely by any woman experiencing possible symptoms, which can be different than men. The symptoms can be confusing but it is better to be safe than sorry and check in with your doctor if experiencing unusual symptoms.
Supporting a healthy heart requires:

Not skipping Doctors’ visits
Taking required heart health medication/supplements
Realizing certain symptoms can possibly be more than what you think
Not Managing and/or Eliminating Stress and Depression
Sure, we live in a stressful world. There’s so much pressure on us as human beings to do so much! An article from the Cleveland Clinic, touches on the subject of the women/life management stress connection and some valid points are made. The article states that women are socialized to be the caretaker (a traditional way of living for many).
The problem with this is that some women have to juggle between being productive at home and in a public/career setting but the way our society has developed over time, makes this mentally and physically difficult for many to balance. WebMD also mentions hormonal changes in a woman’s life as a contributing factor to increased stress.

The Answer to Stress Reduction?
Managing tasks better and/or decreasing workload
Having time for… YOU

Ignoring Pain and Discomfort
When taking care of a household and working long hours, it’s easy to understand the issue of finding time to get checkups. “Diana Dell, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center” told Prevention magazine that women are “least likely to take care of themselves.”
Fatigue and pain in general are serious concerns and should not be taken lightly. Regular screenings and checkups should be performed in order to rule out any serious conditions.
So, to improve your physical discomfort, there are some things you can do:
Stop and make the appointment for a checkup
Inform others of your pain/discomfort so they can be more aware
Take it easy and rest

Improper eating habits
Our fast-paced lives make it impossible sometimes to make healthy nutritional choices. Even worse; parents give unhealthy foods and beverages to their children as well. Well… that is one problem, but another issue is overeating. According to information from the WEBMD Weight Loss Clinic, an important step to becoming healthier and slimming down is to get in tune with your own body.
This means stopping when you’re full and only eating when you are hungry. This can really cut down on the calories consumed. Now, an obvious issue is the consumption of unhealthy foods (Very bad for the human body) but the convenience is very attractive due to the cheap costs and of course taste! A good option would be to buy all-natural.
Making healthier choices include:
Thinking before you eat (creates good habits)
Making healthy purchases at the grocery store
Getting other people to be on the same page
Health problems are something that can be avoided in most cases and taking precautionary measures for the benefit of overall health and well
being is very much worth it!



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