Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Calories: 298

Two Cheese Choices– Cottage Cheese or Smoked Gouda (cheese), both of which are my favorites….

I use 100 calorie bagel thins or sandwich thins!  I just love them both! Especially the everything flavor…

I toast them in the toaster, then I put Daisy Cottage Cheese/Dietz & Watson Smoked Gouda Cheese on top of them with sliced tomato’s.  Yummy!

I am extremely picky on what Cottage Cheese I use, I was raised in California so the only cottage cheese that is really creamy and good and no bitter taste is Knudsen but now living here on the east coast I can’t get it.  So I have purchased a lot of brands for a taste test and the only real one that is comparable is Daisy Cottage Cheese.  If you are ok with 2% milkfat in your cottage cheese then you are better then me!  I only love 4% milkfat… I know I’m bad!  But all this food to me is not a diet it is a Healthier Lifestyle recipe change… better choices = better results!


So truly if you live in an area of this great country that has Knudsen brand cottage cheese please give it a try– it is the best!

Best brands Smoked Gouda:

These are two of the brands I recommend and love!

Apple Smoked Brand cost around: $3.88 (8oz)

Dietz & Watson Brand cost around $4.99 (.50lb)

Heart Facts:

  • Protein. Since cottage cheese is rich in protein it can help you maintain, build and repair lean muscle mass. …
  • Calcium. Eating fat-free cottage cheese on a regular basis means strong bones and teeth, because cottage cheese is a rich source of calcium. …
  • Weight Management. …


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